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Nursing Home Abuse Case Settled for $550,000


Borchardt Law Firm is pleased to announce the successful representation of a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect. Although the state cap for damages on such cases is $250,000, our firm was able to obtain $550,000 on our client’s behalf. Our firm has long been a supporter of those who have encountered nursing home abuse or neglect (Click here to see all of our blog entries on the subject). Nursing home abuse is still a major problem in the state of Texas; there is lax oversight and enforcement of state and federal standards, and nursing homes often avoid facing major consequences for their actions (or inaction).

According to The Dallas Morning News, due to legislative changes in 2003, supervision of nursing home practices has been severely hampered. The cap for damages was set at $250,000, the state’s ability to fine nursing homes was curbed, and penalties such as revoking a nursing home’s license, government contacts, or demanding a court-appointed overseer continue to be invoked less and less. This has set up an industry-friendly environment in which nursing homes may operate, and victims of abuse and neglect may easily be ignored by the legal system.

However, Borchardt Law Firm is unwilling to let the voices of these victims go unheard. Our ability to secure compensation over the $250,000 cap for our client demonstrates our dedication to seeking justice for victims of nursing home abuse. No one wants to entrust a loved one into someone else’s care, only to find that they have been systematically abused or neglected. Borchardt Law Firm is the firm to right these wrongs for victims and their families.

At Borchardt Law Firm, we wish for no family to experience incapacitating tragedies due to nursing home abuse and neglect. Our firm has the experience and the drive necessary to continue to strive for the improved protection of future generations of Texans. If you or a loved one has ever suffered from a related misfortune don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer to discuss any legal compensation you might be entitled to. Borchardt Law Firm represent clients over many areas in Texas; feel free to give us a call.

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